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Dear guests,

we are glad to welcome you back on the 28th of April 2020 (from 11 a.m.) at the Museum for Pre- and Anciant History. The health and safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority.
Within the bounds of our capabilities we established the advised hygiene procedures in order to slow the spreading of the Coronavirus.
As of now, the visit of our museum is therefore only possible considering the new -> hygiene rules, which are mandatory for all guests and staff.

We wish you a joyful visit – stay healthy!

Welcome to the Museum of Pre- and Ancient History,
part of the Thuringian State Archaeological Museum

Discover Archaeological Treasures from 400,000 Years of Thuringian History!

Unique and ori­ginal finds, fas­cin­at­ing mod­els, life-size recon­struc­tions, and mul­ti­me­dia install­a­tions will take you on a jour­ney through the his­tory of Thuringia.

Mater­ial cul­ture, tech­no­logy, build­ing tech­niques, art, and, not least, people them­selves, are the focus of the museum’s per­man­ent exhib­i­tion.  Always on the cut­ting edge of the most recent find­ings from archae­olo­gical excav­a­tions and research, the Museum of Pre- and Ancient His­tory graph­ic­ally and inform­at­ively con­veys the his­tory of set­tle­ment along with the eco­nomic and social his­tor­ies of the region. His­tory is made com­pre­hens­ible and tan­gible: from the dawn of human­ity, through the Stone Age and sub­sequent cul­tures, and into the Middle Ages.

The per­man­ent exhib­i­tion, spread through­out 26 rooms across 1,000 m2, presents more than 3,000 arte­facts from all aspects of the day-to-day lives of our ancest­ors. Among the exhib­i­tion pieces are such world-renowned archae­olo­gical finds as arte­facts from the camp site of the Bilzingsleben Homo erectus, who hunted Mer­ck’s rhino­ceros and straight-tusked ele­phant, and the remains of a proto-Neander­thal found in travertine depos­its near Wei­mar-Ehrings­dorf.

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