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00 Welcome

01 History of the earth

02 Human evolution

03 Lower Palaeolithic

04 Middle Palaeolithic

04a Plants in travertine

04b Wildlife and hunting

05 Late Palaeolithic

05a Late palaeolithic hunters

05b Late Ice Age artists in Thuringia

06 Neolithic

07 Agriculture and sedentism

08 Neolithic Pottery

09 Funerary Cult

09a Face bottle

09b Trepanation

10 Social Differentiation

10a The Kalbsrieth Tumulus

10b The Apfelstädt Grave

11 The Leubingen Tumulus

11a Bronze

12 The cult caves in the Kyffhäuser Hills

13 Tumuli near Schwarza

14 Hoards

15 Pre-Roman Iron Age

16 Celtic Thuringia

17 The Steinsburg

18 Trade and imports

19 Early Germanic people

19a The burial site of Großromstedt

20 The Hermunduri

20a Iron smelting

21 The rich grave of Haßleben

22 The moor of Oberdorla

23 Pottery in Haarhausen

24 Thuringian Empire

24a Amalaberga

24b A woman’s grave in Oßmanstedt

25 A chariot burial in Erfurt Gispersleben

26 Radegunde

27 The Franks

28 The Slavs

29 High and Late Middle Ages

30 Goodbye


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