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The Museum of Pre- and Ancient History, Thuringia, one of the longest-established museums of its kind in Germany, is steeped in tradition.

The Thuringian State Archaeological Museum (ALT) houses an impressive collection of archaeological artefacts, which is continuously expanding courtesy of finds from current excavations. The collection is presented in an enthralling, state-of-the-art permanent exhibition.

Mar­vel at more than 3000 exhib­its from across 400,000 years of Thuringian his­tory dis­played in 26 rooms across 1000m2 of floor space, includ­ing numer­ous world-renowned archae­olo­gical artefacts.

Always on the cut­ting-edge of archae­olo­gical research, in the ALT we present 400,000 years of his­tory in a mod­ern, state-of-the-art exhib­i­tion. Dive into what we have on offer!


You can find out more about the his­tory of the col­lec­tion, includ­ing the many treas­ures which remain in stor­age, here.

The museum build­ing, a neo­clas­sical man­sion, is not just an archi­tec­tural gem. Hav­ing served many dif­fer­ent pur­poses over time, it has also played an import­ant role in Wei­mar’s history.

“Kunst ist ein Apell an die Sinne, nicht an den Verstand…”
Art­works by Her­bert Lungwitz