26 Rooms of Archaeological Treasures Across 1,000 m2 :
400,000 Years of Thuringian History

Überreste von Jagdtieren der Altsteinzeit (Foto: H. Arnold)

Überreste von Jagdtieren der Altsteinzeit (Foto: H. Arnold)

More than 3000 exhibits bring all aspects of the day-to-day existence of our ancestors to life.

Material culture, technology, building techniques, art, and, not least, the people themselves are the focus of our permanent exhibition. Always on the cutting edge of the most recent findings from archaeological excavations and research, the ALT graphically and informatively conveys the history of settlement, along with the economic and social histories of the region. Unique, original finds, fascinating models, life-size reconstructions, and multimedia installations will take you on a journey through the history of Thuringia. From the dawn of humanity, through the Stone Age and subsequent cultures and into the Middle Ages, history is brought to life.

World-renowned Archaeological Finds

In the museum you will find, for example, artefacts from the camp site of the Bilzingsleben Homo erectus, who hunted Merck’s rhinoceros and straight-tusked elephant, or the remains of a proto-Neanderthal found in travertine deposits near Weimar-Ehringsdorf. Marvel at valuable burial goods, such as the magnificent jewellery of gold, silver, and gemstones which, along with luxury items from the Roman Empire, surrounded the body of the Germanic ‘Princess of Hassleben’, found near Erfurt. Or let yourself be transported into the past by archaeological artefacts from the time of the Kingdom of Thuringia, such as weapons that accompanied burials or the opulent gold jewellery buried with the ‘Lady of Ossmannstedt’.